12 Days in Europe: Amsterdam

After another very early 6am train, we made it safely to Amsterdam. If I had to choose my favorite city on this trip, I would pick Amsterdam. It’s one thing to hear about and see pictures of the canals and the rows of houses, and another to see them in person. The city is gorgeous and around every corner is another cute side street or another beautiful view of a canal.

IMG_20150218_122927    IMG_20150219_180156~2

There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. However, since it was February when we visited, we opted not to ride bikes due to the cold weather. But, even if the weather was warmer, I’m not sure I would have had the guts to ride. The traffic is crazy and my sense of direction isn’t great when walking around, let alone while on a bike trying to navigate unfamiliar the streets. I was very proud that we managed to avoid getting hit by the bikes, trams, and cars during our time there.

Our first day there, we took a free walking tour to help us get oriented before getting settled in our hostel and taking a late afternoon canal tour. I am a huge fan of boat tours – they are a great way to see a city from a new perspective while getting off your feet for a bit.

IMG_20150219_131829   IMG_20150218_180106

After a relaxing evening and a good nights sleep, we were off to tackle our last day in Amsterdam. First stop: the Anne Frank House. We planned on getting there a little bit before it opened at 9 because we heard that the line to get in can be long. We had a slow start to the morning and got there right around 9 and ended up having to wait in line for 1.5 hours to get in. The Anne Frank House is a must see Amsterdam for a reason and is definitely worth the long wait to get into. Our last few hours were filled with a trip to the Heineken Experience, another fun thing to do in the city, followed some shopping to pick up a few more souvenirs. We definitely had a fun 2 days in Amsterdam!

IMG_20150219_143241    IMG_20150219_180057



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