Chasing the Sun

The trip around Europe with Ben was a success, but tiring. I may have forgotten include any rest days in our itinerary…whoops. I definitely learned my lesson and will build in a few relaxing days on my next trip. I’ll update soon with stories of our adventures, but until then, here are a few photos from the trip. ūüôā

PhotoGrid_1425216172403    PhotoGrid_1425219562068

Ben flew home Thursday and I have spent the last few days relaxing, ignoring my growing to do list and enjoying the¬†last¬†few days of vacation before classes¬†start back up. This time tomorrow, I’ll be busy with¬†classes and thesis work. Tomorrow I start my first of 4¬†“elective” classes. They¬†are exactly the same as the “major” classes I took earlier in the semester, just a little bit shorter (lasting 2 weeks each instead of 3 weeks).¬†I will be taking one class at a time and usually have 6 hour blocks of class a few days a week. These long days, combined with the inconsistent French class schedule, and the fact that one of my classes only meets for a week means that I don’t have many days of classes left before graduation. 23 days of class to be exact. Where did time go?!?!

But, fear not. I will still be very¬†busy, despite having a lighter class schedule–my senior thesis needs to be written. And I have made the ambitious, but necessary, goal of having a draft of my thesis done by Easter weekend…which is only 34 days away. So, I’m off¬†to enjoy my¬†last day of vacation before classes and thesis work resume tomorrow.


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