12 Days in Europe: Itinerary

My brother, Ben, get’s here tomorrow and I cannot wait to see him! 🙂 He’s never been to Europe before and can’t wait to show him around and explore some new cities together. Here’s what the next 12 days look like for us:

  • Ben arrives in Paris, France and we spend 2 days sight seeing
  • Take the train to Brussels, Belgium and spend 2 days there
  • The next train will take us to the Netherlands where we’ll spend another 2 days in Amsterdam
  • After a quick morning trip, we’ll be in Germany where we’ll spend with next 4 days, starting with 2 days in Hamburg
  • Up next, another train that will take us to Berlin for our last 2 days in Germany
  • Another flight, this time back to France where we’ll fly into Paris and then take a train to Reims
  • Spend 1.5 days exploring Reims, France
  • Ben flies back to the USA


We’ve packed a lot into this trip, but it allows us to see as much as we can in the short amount of time we have.  I’m really excited for this trip and am looking forward to seeing more of Europe!


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