One More Semester

I bought my one way ticket back to this USA last weekend. I know that this is my last semester of college and my last semester in France, but knowing the date I’m leaving and having a plane ticket makes everything seem so much more real. But, I’m still here until the end of June and plan on making the most of the time I have left 🙂

This semester, I’m taking one class at a time, like winter term at Elon. I have 1 class down and 5 more to go. The class I’m taking right now is Project Management. For the class, we have to plan a project and my group’s planning a month-long trip in Southern Asia. The project is so much fun to work on and is making me want to travel to Asia asap. Unfortunately, that trip will have to wait until I have a bit more time to travel, but hopefully that won’t be too long! In the meantime, I plan on seeing as much of Europe as I can–starting with the trip I’m taking with my brother. In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be visiting 4 countries in 12 days and I cannot wait!

And, lastly, a mini catch up of some traveling I did in December! Before heading home for Christmas Break, I took a day trip to visit the Christmas Markets in Strasbourg and a weekend trip to Paris. It was so nice to be able to take some time to travel and relax after exams! Pictures below 🙂

  IMG_20141211_103635    IMG_20141211_150757 (1)

 IMG_20141211_154854    IMG_20141211_140256

 IMG_20141211_155109    IMG_20141211_175516

IMG_20141211_181513  IMG_20141211_175112 IMG_20141211_181056   IMG_20141211_104647

 IMG_20141211_180602   IMG_20141213_192453

 IMG_20141213_183651   IMG_20141213_220128


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