Hello again! Long time no see…sorry about that. But I’m working on getting y’all caught up on what’s happened this semester, starting with my trip to Romania!

At the beginning of October, I had a 4 day weekend, so I hopped on a plan to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Targu Mures, Romania. It was so good to see all of the again!

We we able to explore Targues Maures the first few days I was there–they showed me all of their favorite sites and were great guides! It was so nice to have a few relaxing days hanging out, playing board games, playing with their dog, and exploring new sites.

2014-10-03 12.05.13      2014-10-03 12.07.59

2014-10-03 12.04.09

2014-10-03 09.56.18      2014-10-03 11.36.46

The last full day I was in Romania, we took a road trip to nearby towns. Our first stop was to an old salt mine that has been converted into an attraction. Breathing in the salt air is good for one’s health so the put in a bowling alley, row boats, mini gold, and more in the old mine so that people could spend the whole day down in the mine to breath in the salty air. Crazy! It was definitely a place that I never though I would go in Romania, but was definitely worth the trip. After a picnic lunch, we explored a nearby fortress that had great views of the city. A snack of “twirly” bread before heading to a hotel near the airport for the night was a great way to end my last full day in Romania.


 2014-10-04 14.02.46   2014-10-04 17.39.35

2014-10-04 16.07.01    2014-10-04 18.37.51

I have one more week of classes before exams — I can’t believe how fast this semester has flown by. It’s been a busy semester filled with group projects and mémoire work, but I’ll update at least once more before it ends. Until next time 🙂


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