It’s November?!?!

I can’t believe that it’s already November! Time has flown by so quickly this semester. As of October 22nd, I have officially been in France for 2 months and I will finish my first semester here is less than 2 more months. That means that, I will be back in the U.S.A. in just 2 short months (even if it’s only for a few weeks)!

Instead of having a typical fall break, I had a few of 3 day weekends. At the end of October, I have my first exam in France in Finance. I stressed myself out way too much over the exam but I think that I ended up doing okay (fingers crossed!). After the  exam in France, I had a 3-day weekend, 3 days of classes, and then another long weekend. During these three day so of classes, I took one of my many classes–management of teams. Being in the same classroom for three days got a little old, but I really enjoyed the class!

Anna’s mom visited us that week too! It was so great to see her again 🙂

After my 3-day class, I got to go on a mini-vacation! One of my friends, Kate, is studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany for the semester so I hopped on a train to visit her! Other than getting a little lost on my way there, I had a wonderful time in Germany (pictures to come soon)!

I am currently swamped with school work (most of my group projects are due this month), but I’m so glad that I had the chance to relax a little bit before diving into school again. I have also started working on finding an internship for next semester. Hopefully something will work out soon 🙂

I am going to start volunteering in France! Well, a little bit this semester and then hopefully more next year! NEOMA has a program called Prepa Remois that helps give students equal education opportunities. Their next event is at the end of November and I’m really excited for it 🙂

Until next time!

P.S. This is awesome :