First Week in France

This past week has been very busy!

My first few days in France were filled with logistics–figuring out transportation, a bank, etc.–and exploring the city! My apartment is very close to the center of Reims (le centre ville) so it is very easy  to walk to the restaurants and stores downtown.

Monday, we decided to find the school. We are attending Reims Management School (RMS). The school has two campus, campus 1 and campus 2. Our program is primarily on campus 2. We hopped on the tram and quickly found campus 1. After exploring the campus, we decided to visit campus 2 as well. We knew what road it was on and thought that we would be able to find it quickly. We were very wrong. We road the tram to another stop and walked around for an hour with no luck. The next day, we looked up directions and tried again and found the school very quickly!

After tackling the tram, we decided to tackle the bus system. Our grand plan was to hop on a bus without looking at a map and just get off at a random stop. Eventually, we would end up where we needed to be. We got on the right buses, but rode them in the wrong direction each time (whoops). So it took us two hours (instead of 30 minutes) to get where we wanted to go, but we learned how the buses work. It was also really cool to see more of the town!

The food here is delicious. Like expected, I am eating copious amounts of bread and cheese. And, we have discovered a delicious crêpe place five minutes from our apartment. Yum! Also, there is a market that is open every week with fresh produce, eggs, and other goodies. We are definitely good to stop by every week!

Saturday night we decided to go to a soccer game. We took the bus on the stadium and managed to get on the correct bus that was going in the right direction! When you ride the bus, each stop is announced in advance. When your stop is called, you push a button to let the driver know that you are getting off there. We pushed the button to get off at the right stop, but the button was broken and didn’t work. So, we were stuck on the bus. First, we thought that we could just keep riding the bus to the end of the route and then take it back to our stop, but that was really far. Eventually we finally made it to the soccer stadium well after the game had started. There was one ticket window still open so we went to see if we could get tickets. It turns out that there were a lot of open seats and since we came so late (after half time) we got free tickets! The game was so much fun! Each team had a section of fans who were extremely enthusiastic and led cheers throughout the match. After the game, we ventured over to our favorite crêpe restaurant for a scrumptious treat!

Monday I started school! The first week is intensive French before we start classes next week. So far, the week has been great!

More to come soon!


4 thoughts on “First Week in France

  1. Madame Adamson September 5, 2013 / 1:36 am

    J’adore les nouvelles!

  2. Jim Duffy September 5, 2013 / 1:42 am

    Katherine, good to see are starting to get settled in to your home. So glad for you and the experiences you are going to have while in France! Doing a Blog is such a great idea.
    Looking forward to visiting! 🙂

    Mr Duff

  3. Grace September 5, 2013 / 9:10 pm

    Your button to get off the bus WOULD be broken.. such a #katherinesippleproblem.

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