Light Show

When I think of a light show, I typically think of bright lights in fun patterns and colors. The light show at the cathedral I went to the other night made me completely rethink what I think about when I hear the words “light show”. In my previous post, I described the show as spectacular, but that only begins to describe how beautiful it was! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so…

SAM_0205          .SAM_0214

SAM_0216           SAM_0218

SAM_0220           SAM_0223



A quick update!

This week I started my two year adventure in France! I arrived in Paris early Thursday morning and took a shuttle to Reims. After checking into a hotel for the night, I got a change to explore the town! While out and about, I grabbed my first meal in France—bread and cheese. It was like a grilled cheese sandwich, but it had five different types of cheese on it. Delicious! The rest of the day was filled with more exploring, a few errands, and an early bed time. It’s going to take me a little while to get used to the six hour time difference.


Friday I was able to move into my apartment! It is very small, but super cute! It’s going to be perfect! I will post pictures soon after I finish decorating. Friday evening we ate outside at a restaurant right outside the cathedral where all of the French Kings were crowned (more info: In celebration of the cathedral’s 800th  anniversary, there is a lighting show each night for a year. The year ends this month but we were lucky enough to see it after dinner! It was spectacular!


More to come soon!